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He was a young hottie then and has gone on to be a big actor in the U. He used to download smutty fanfic from the net yes, including slash and read it aloud during set breaks in order to tease his co-stars. Big huge ass girls. Robert duncan mcneill nude. Jolene Blalock Getty Images. They let the teenage boy helm the ship but the only woman not in a stereotypical and boring role, Tasha Yar, is killed off as quickly as possible.

In many ways, Brooks returned to his "day job. Tuvok's Vulcan metabolism didn't cope with assimilation as well as Janeway's and B'Elanna's. Since Tuvok said in "Elogium" that his daughter profits just as much from his guidance as her brothers, she must have been at least out of kindergarten when he left.

Like the episode where Phlox finds a cure for a dying race but the captain has decide whether to interfere with the natural development of their world. For me, the test of a good show is whether or not I watch it for several seasons. Imperfection 11 Oct The crew should have shown the ravages of time in a more visible way.

I know this will upset some people, but I believe that Tuvok is the best Vulcan character ever written in the Trek universe. And Harry Kim lets this pass with barely a demurral They did go around exploring when the war wasn't raging. Hot and sexy xxx pictures. Both obviously return these feelings - though they tend to forget about him on occasion.

Poignantly, the theme music for Voyager was what my parents chose to play at Richards service. Makes me laugh again and again every time I see this episode. Stop making up imaginary people.

But he never really got a lot to do. My guess is, she is 16 when her father comes back and was 10 when her father infiltrated the Maquis intherefore born in28 years after her oldest brother, with the other two sons somewhere in between assuming that all four children were conceived during pon farr.

And figure out why the DVDs have to be so expensive, when these shows are not pulling in top ad revenue. Unfortunately the writers seem to have forgotten about T'Pel far too often. There are parts of Insurrection that work. I'll have to disagree with you about Generations. Big uncut cock too. In addition to helping keep the crew's often tempestuous emotions under control, her character was able to use her abilities to sense the emotions of others, something that Captain Picard often used to his advantage.

The Next Generation and its subsequent movies, but his character transitioned to Deep Space Nine about midway through its run and stuck around through the end.

Sorry, ya'll, but Kirk and Spock?

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She eventually sought treatment for her mental healthbut was charged with a DUI as recently as R66, when you say crap like that, all we can glean from it is that you're one of these people who watches things you hate enough to pontificate about it. It has been done better in "Meld". Big tits latex. Tuvok gets brain damaged and has to relearn everything.

They weren't able to create the same type of good characters in the other shows. Robert duncan mcneill nude. He returned to Vulcan, where he began studying the Kolinahr. On the other hand he can't resist the Botha "Persistence of Vision" or the starship-eating alien in "Bliss". He can pilot a shuttle e. The problem was that the producers decided to put Seven in a skin tight suit for the teenage boy factor, and "of course" adding one character meant that they had to get rid of another one -- so one woman in meant one woman had to go, rather than one of the men, if someone had to go.

Which is why they always respond with, "but there was no ship. In the end, he allows Rom to bat knowing it will cost him the game but he just can't treat his friend that way. I love the Romulan episodes in all the Star Treks. Sucking long tits. He was injured in the collapsing tunnels of the Ocampa homeworld as well.

The divided attention of the producers can be extended to Voyager and Generations as well. And I fully believe that is because of Brent Spiner. Or how about how the DS9 writers could come up with great medical storylines for Bashir esp. Tuvok proves Tom's innocence and exposes a war criminal. Michael Dorn Getty Images.

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Ethan Phillips mainly does voice work now. Some resented her as a symbol of blatant attempts at sex appeal being injected into a franchise that, historically, focused more on character and plot.

I enjoyed a lot of it but it had its problems and it has nothing to do with it going over anyone's head. They remastered all the original episodes, and then cut new special effects into them. Nude selfie hot. Which I don't get. Over 50 years after resigning from Starfleet according to "Flashback"; that is, at the earliest inbut not later thanI'll explain, whyhe decided to rejoin the Fleet.

I'll give you better plot because they actually sustained a storyline with nuance for a good portion of the show, even when it became too muddled. You sound a little paranoid, though. Really a terrific hour of writing. Tom Paris of Star Trek: What a pity they threw in some bogus heterosexuality at the end, instead of just going with the trend.

Since he and Janeway had been serving together for 4 years already at the beginning of season 1 "Phage"he must have been back by at the latest.

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It was one of the best episodes they ever did and was really Star Trek at it's best. Nude jordan carver pics. Like Frakes, she took up directing episodes of Star Trek: I consider these two hacks to be the greatest secret weapons in the anti-gay movement's arsenal.

That was an episode called "The Killing Game," where a group of hunter aliens called the Hirogen seized the ship and brainwashed the crew into thinking they actually were the characters on the holodecks. She got shot by the alien, and he ran back into the turbolift in terror. Robert duncan mcneill nude. Hot young milf No mention of the Janeway and Paris devolving into lizards episode yet?

I do think the last season was really dreadful, though. Goofs After her initial examination by the Doctor, Seven reminds him that members of the crew are entitled to doctor-patient confidentiality, and the Doctor agrees. A little went a LONG way. I had the opportunity to tell her how much she had been an inspiration to me which was simply wonderful. Maybe Star Trek threads are the new cat threads. Voyager with an episode entitled "Sacred Ground.

Hasn't this thread given you a clue, R46?

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Anna semenovich big tits It is likely that at least Tuvok's father if not both parents was a Starfleet Officer, since, while serving aboard "Excelsior", Tuvok receives a message from his father, who is aboard the "Yorktown" at that time. They're together now, and I believe are going to have their cremains buried in space together. After it's initial inception and launch, I feel that DS9 quickly became sandwiched in between all of those other ventures.
Milf porn gallery The divided attention of the producers can be extended to Voyager and Generations as well. Unfortunately for many of the men and women who've starred in the venerable franchise's many films and TV series over the last five decades and counting , there seems to be a side effect of Star Trek:
Priyanka chopra sex nude pics Kind of along the lines of "Oh, you're such a hot shot writer and know everything, well let's see you try to get this shit to fly. That's what I remember it for mostly. Here's hoping he can bring Worf backā€”and show his career that today is not a good day to die.
Breast naked sexy And even though she's v. The Next Generation and its subsequent movies, but his character transitioned to Deep Space Nine about midway through its run and stuck around through the end. Even though I don't necessarily care for VOY or ENT as a whole, there are episodes of both that I will happily sit down and watch if they happen to come on.
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